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A Small Thing Called Earth

by Makata-o

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Makata-o // MartinDrums & MaxNoisyBass
DIY Instrumental Live-Recording directly from the rehearsel room.

Thanks to André for the overheadmics and support.
Thanks to Alex for listening to the songs for several a thousand times.
Thanks to the other bands in our room for the "OneWeekShutUp"-Break to make these recordings happen..

We are against racism, sexism and homophobia!


released August 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Makata-o Leipzig, Germany

"Armed with just a bass guitar and drums, Makata-o create a fuzzy wall of sludge which will devour you and then spit you right out into a puddle spiked with a healthy dose of melodic aggression."

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Track Name: Now a Cover
we can dance if you want to
we can leave you're friends behind
´couse your friends don´t dance
and if they don´t dance
they were´t been friends of mine
Track Name: Silly People - Empty Brains
Don´t know what you say
I´ve got pudding in my brain
- it´s to late.

I´m not a green alien (but)
don´t understand what you say
- anyway.

Silly people - empty brains (it´s)
allways be the same you made
- feel ashamed.

You always talk about your theme
never learn a way to see
- how to be.
Track Name: I Don't Want to Live Between
I walk down the Street
and nothing...
nothing changed
since I was away.


something new have to be done
something sick should destroyed
I made it clear- meanings comes and disappears!

Track Name: Brainwashed Me
Sit down please be still
you´re ill so take the pill
you are just to agile.
So shut up Jim- Take your Ritalin!

Don´t want to stand still
this pill kills social skills
don´t shut my mouth for you
but I have to... SWALLOW

Don´t waste you're time!
Don´t waste your life!
Don´t take it!
Don´t take it anymore!

No more!
Track Name: Sleepwalking Jim
Sleepwalking Jim
He sings that song every night.
Every Night Jim decides to sleep-
instead he flies into the deep.
He decides to arrive the shiny moon
and I know he arrives it soon.
Track Name: My Dream
I had a Dream that I became a cow
and two stranger drag me into the

One shot into my head.
They hanged me foot over neck
a knife into my stomach- it hurts.

Now I´m dead and no one is sad.
Track Name: A Small Thing Called Earth
My hic-cup don´t stop and I juste have black socks on my dryer at home.
I never find the right pair... Fuck: My tooth paste is empty. I am squeezing!

I´m Squeezing...
But it stays empty like the heads of that people who joined your last party.
Their brains are empty and they can´t think. But because of them I sing!

All on a small thing called earth!
All on THAT small thing called Earth!
Track Name: Weird Happiness
So silly people all around the world.
Really want to be one- be one of them.
I don´t have to think about the things I do.
Just put on your TV- you should join the crew.

An empty brain works better for me.
After work I want to see my favorite movie on TV.
An empty brain works better for me!

OOOhhh I'm really, really, really lost without a leader!